Join Us For Swimming In Texas

Spring brings the wonders of , flowers, trees in bloom, Easter egg huts and cool, refreshing breezes. It also pulls us quickly into summer, and the glories of school recesses, hot winds, and children swimming. Flying over Texas in summertime is astonishing if you look for swimming pools. They are everywhere. Except in your back yard, right?

The best insurance for children living surrounded by swimming pools is- teach them to swim! It is absolutely the best solution, and the most fun. We are busily preparing to do that to the best of our abilities. It is nothing to take lightly, helping your children to be water safe is a tremendous responsibility. I find myself wanting to teach another year, and then another. Working with my capable, well trained grand children is a grandmother’s blessing, and we share the love of teaching swimming skills to all ages.

Join us for swimming in Texas. We are ready to swim and hope your children will join us.

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