Level Guidelines

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If you are new to our program, this general guideline will help you select the right class level for your child. There are always exceptions on a per student basis. If you aren’t sure which level your child should be in, feel free to contact us to discuss.


  • Age: 12 months – 2 1/2 yrs
  • Parent accompanies student in the pool and will need to be prepared to go under the water with their child.


  • Age: 2 1/2 – 4 yrs
  • First exposure to swimming without a parent. Children receive small prizes daily and often need lots of positive encouragement to continue with a positive attitude. You’ll be amazed at their progress in 2 weeks!


  • Age: 5- 6 yrs
  • Beginning to swim or new to the water, basic non swimmers. The age is flexible for students unsafe in deep water. If you are new to our program, Dipper is a great launching pad and students excel in abilities and confidence.


  • For ages 4 and up. Beginning to swim (grouped by ability) If new to our program, you would start in Beginner if your child is comfortable in deep water,able to put their face in the water, swimming some, but maybe not on top of the water. The young children in this level are here because they passed Dipper and can swim across the pool with their face in the water and with a good kick.

Advanced Beginner

  • Graduates of Beginner level. New students start here only if they can swim on top of the water the length of the pool, back float and dive to the bottom on their own.


  • Graduates of Advanced Beginner level. To begin at Intermediate, a student needs to be able to swim American Crawl with rhythmic breathing two lengths of the pool, survival float for 2 minutes, dive to the bottom alone and do the beginnings of a standing front dive.


  • Advanced swimmers & safety skills. Only our staff can put someone new into this level. It involves multiple strokes and lots of fun skills in the water. Graduates of this level are a small group of very respectable swimmers, many who have continued to pursue their swimming in High School or College.